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Pacify The Woods Latest Update Of Pacify Officially Announced And This May Be The Scariest Update Ever. How To Get Pacify The Woods For Free?

In This Article You Will Get To Know Everything About The Latest Update Pacify The Woods. Let’s Begin.


1. When Pacify Is Going To Release Its Woods Update?

You will get the pacify the woods update out by Halloween ( June11, 2021 ) And this is also a free update as the farm.

2. What Is Pacify The Woods Update About?

There is an old estate outside of town, in the middle of the woods. The estate has a strange history. It is the resting place for witches of the past. The groundskeeper is supposedly a witch herself named Agnes Rose. There is a rumor that several hundred years ago, she was convicted of being a witch, but she couldn’t be killed. She resides at the estate watching over the witches’ graves.

Several children have gone missing in the area over the last century, and the town’s people are sure Agnes Rose has something to do with it. No one entering the estate has ever come back. So, PAH Inc. would like you to go to the estate. We are very interested in seeing if the rumor is true or not. Please investigate, and bring any evidence of paranormal activity back to headquarters for testing.

This Update Map is bigger than first 2 map and maybe the scariest. After this update we will get 1 or 2 more updates in future.

3. How To Download Pacify The Woods?

This is one of the most important question people have How To Download Or Get This Game. So, If you have paid for the game on steamĀ  or any other platform then you can directly update it from there when the update gets released.


If You don’t have paid game and still want to Download Pacify The Woods For Free and play then also no problem when the update gets released I will provide you the download link for the crack so that you can play the update for free with your friends multiplayer.

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ScreenShots Of Update

If You Want To Read The Official Article For Pacify The Woods Update Written By Pacify Developer On Steam Then Click The Button Below.

Finally, The Pacify The Woods Update Is Out Go And Download It Now From Link Given Below.

If You Have Any Questions You Can Leave Them In The Comment Box Below I Will Reply You ASAP.

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